Effect of Herbal Extract of Polygonum Aviculare on Lipocalin 2 Expression After EMF Exposure in Mouse Testis

  • Amaneh Mohammadi Roushandeh
Keywords: EMF, Polygonum aviculare, Lipocalin 2, Testis


Introduction: Electromagnetic radiation has irreparable biological effects on various tissues including testis. The use of antioxidants can greatly reduce the effects of this radiation and has anti-oxidant properties but their mechanism is not clear. Therefore, in the present study, protective effects of herbal extract of polygonum aviculare which are rich in antioxidants components examined on the expression levels of lipocalin 2.
Methods: Twenty four male mice, 8 weeks divided to 4 groups (one control and three experimental groups). Control group didn’t receive EMF exposure. EMF group mice received 3 mT EMF during 2 months, 4 hours daily and 5 days weekly. Polygonum aviculare group received 50 mg/kg herbal extract during 2 months and poly -EMF group received 3 mT EMF during 2 months, 4 hours daily and 5 days weekly and 50mg/kg herbal extract during 2 months. After 2 months the mice sacrificed by cervical dislocation and samples prepared from the testis and immunofluorescent techniques was used to determine lipocalin 2 expression levels.
Results: the result showed that lipocalin 2 expression was decreased in EMF group and increased in mice which had received herbal extract of polygonum aviculare.
Conclusions: As seen in the results, herbal extract increased lipocalin 2 expression and might act as a protective agent against free radicals induced by the action of electromagnetic field. Although, further studies are needed to acquire more knowledge about the mechanisms of these extracts.

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